HORSFALL & CO. The Solicitors

Horsfall & Co. has been functioning as consultant in Public Affairs, Constitutional, International and Petroleum law to a Select and Elite class of clientele and institutions by giving them good advice in their specific and special areas of interest.

Legal Advice

We help people effectively fight their offenders back and successfully defend their own stand!

Horsfall & Co is a great Law Firm that knows how to resolve cases, either through settlement or trial, they are the best Law Firm I have ever known,they build a relationship with you so fast,I highly recommend them to anyone who needs any Legal guidance in any part of the World.

Contact Information

Plot 1225 Bishop Oluwole Street,Edo House,Victoria Island, P.O.Box 52355.Falomo-Ikoyi, Lagos State, Nigeria.
Phone: 1874461
Fax: 3204653-546746